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Droogstandaard babyflessen – Drying stand baby bottles

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Discover the Benefits of Our Amazing Drying Stand for Baby Bottles

Safe Material

  • Our baby bottle travel drying rack is made of food-safe materials
  • Non-toxic, lead-free, BPA-free for your peace of mind

High Capacity

  • Comes with 4 long rods and 2 branches to hold baby bottles and accessories
  • Perfect for pistons, milk pump parts, pacifiers, and more

Space Saving

  • Compact size of 21 x 14 x 10 cm for easy transport in any diaper bag or backpack
  • Convenient for travel or gatherings with family and friends

Full Size Brushes with Nipple Cleaner

  • Slot to keep the brush upright during drying
  • Small pipe cleaner nipple cleaner inside the handle for thorough cleaning

Ideal for Storing

  • Perfect for storing baby bottle soap, teethers, pacifiers, and utensils
  • All-in-one storage solution for added convenience and space saving

Get ready to experience the convenience and reliability of our innovative baby bottle drying stand. Made with safe materials and designed for high capacity, this compact and space-saving rack is your perfect travel companion. With full-size brushes and nipple cleaner included, cleaning is a breeze. Plus, it's ideal for storing all your baby essentials in one place. Say goodbye to messy counters and hello to organized bliss!

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